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Cooking for living :)

Ketika hidup di negeri orang dimana terdapat perbedaan yg cukup signifikan antara  nilai tukar mata uang kita, Rupiah, dengan mata uang asing, kita dituntut untuk hemat dan cermat dalam mengelola keuangan kita. Meskipun 400-450 euro per bulan untuk biaya akomodasi yang bila dilihat dari Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) kota Rotterdam bukanlah suatu angka yang besar dan masih masuk asuk dalam taraf wajar, akan tetap terasa berat, terlebih bila kita mengkonversi angka tersebut ke dalam Rupiah. Namun ketika biaya sewa kamar (akomodasi) tidak dapat lagi terhindarkan, kita dituntut untuk lebih cermat dalam memaksimalisasi budget. Untuk transportasi, bagi yang bisa, biasa dan mau bersepeda adalah suatu solusi untuk berhemat karena sistem transportasi di Rotterdam cukup kompleks, selain itu juga hitungannya seperti taksi (setiap km di charge, somehow it’s fair, karena kita kena charge terhadap apa yang kita gunakan). Namun bagi mahasiswa yang bermobilitas tinggi, transportasi yang dihitung per km seperti taksi tersebut terasa cukup memberatkan, karena semakin aktif kita, semakin besar pula uang yang dikeluarkan.

Selain bersepeda, cara lain untuk berhemat adalah dengan memasak sendiri. Di kantin kampus, misalnya, untuk sekali makan (roti+kopi/coke) menghabiskan 5 euro, di restoran atau kafe-kafe tentunya jauh lebih mahal. Bila kita makan at least 2x sehari, maka kita menghabiskan sebesar 10 (belum termasuk cemilan, susu atau jus). Sedangkan bila kita masak sendiri, mari kita hitung 🙂

Today’s menu: Ayam Goreng Mentega, Brokoli tumis bawang putih dan Sup Jagung Manis.

1st Menu

Ayam Goreng Mentega (Total 1.3 euro)

1. Paha (atas dan bawah): 2 euro per kg, pakai setengah, 1 euro
2. Bumbu-bumbu dan minyak: +- 30 cent

Brokoli Tumis Bawang Putih (30 cent)

1. 250gr brokoli (80 cent per kg): 20 cent
2. Minyak dan bumbu2: 10cent

Sup Jagung Manis (70 cent)

1. Jagung kalengan: 1 euro per kaleng, pakai setengah: 50cent
2. 1 butir telur: 17 cent
3. garam dan lada: +- 3 cent

Total 3 jenis makanan bergizi untuk sehari: 3.3 euro + Nasi 30 cent: 3.60euro..

and guess wat?  it can be served for two people 🙂 so if u share it, u only need to spend around 1.80 euro per day..
Jadi jauh lebih hemat daripada makan di kantin/restoran kan?

…dan uang sisanya bisa untuk beli jus, susu atau coklat, hehe atau ditabung buat jalan2:p


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Islam in Rotterdam

A  month ago, I felt so worried and insecure regarding my decision to study in Rotterdam. A lot of questions wandered in my head: whether I can cope with the difficulty of the study, whether or not I can stand the weather that constantly change every minute and questions whether I will have friends or not. The last questions was quite bothering me, why is that? Because I’m a Muslim and I wear Hijab. I was wondering if I would still be allowed to wear hijab there, and if I weren’t, should I take this off? I’ve heard a lot of things about discrimination that happens to Muslims everywhere around the world, especially in the Europe, after the September 11 attack.   Then I ask myself, what if people throw eggs or yogurts on me when I walk in front of them? Would I be strong in enough? Would I be brave enough to live my days with the hijab on my head if they treat me like that?

I made my decision, on the last day of August, I flew from Jakarta to Amsterdam and continued by train to Rotterdam. Thank God, I finally arrived in Rotterdam after a long, long journey (you can imagine sitting for more than 12 hours continuously :p). The fresh air of Rotterdam suddenly left all my body pain behind and my new journey began at that very moment…………….

After nearly a week living in this amazingly beautiful city, all of my worries and concerns about Islam and hijab is suddenly gone. Here,  Muslim women are walk around in hijab. Most of Muslim women here are Turkish, Moroccan, or other middle eastern ethnic background. Indeed, Muslims comprise close to 25% of the city’s population. It is quite a big number, particularly since Rotterdam is the second biggest city in the Netherlands. It has the biggest mosque in Europe. The Mayor, Ahmed Aboutaleb is also a practicing Muslim of Moroccan descent, and is son of an Imam. Some sharia law are also applied here. What a surprising fact, isn’t it? There is an article titled Eurabia Has A Capital: Rotterdam that analyze the condition and progress of Islam in Rotterdam.

Back with the hijab issue, in Rotterdam, there are many types of hijab that are worn by Muslim women. You can see some of the pics in a small size in the article above. (I will post some of the pics that I take by myself sometime later in the next post :)). Most of women in hijab here are very fashionable. They mix and match the style, the color and the pattern of the clothes that is available in the local store so it looks good yet still fulfill the sharia of covering the whole body except for the face and the palm.

Indeed, I feel relieved, even every other people that are not Muslims do not see me and look at me differently as I first expected. (Well, this is how I feel). Some places, such as the campus that I go to (Erasmus University) also provides Muslims praying room in the campus. I feel so lucky and blessed to be able to study in this city while keeping my faith at the same time (Look: The Hijab in Belgium). Besides the clean, fresh air and organized traffic, Rotterdam and its people respect diversity. They understand that every people have their own characteristics and they are unique in their own ways. And that’s what I love about it 🙂

I hope this first impression lasts forever………….

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my comeback :)

Heyy guys…

It has been a long time since the last time I wrote something on my blog. I remember the last time I wrote was about 2 or 3 years ago, in a blog of Friendster. Yeah indeed I miss writing, since it is one of my hobbies, but all the assignments have taken my life and made me forget about the excitement of writing. Up until I met this girl, named Affa, an Iraqi girl who loves to write and share her passion of writing with me. She writes books, novels even poems in her time and more importantly, she met the love of her life through her blog :). Since I met her my passion of writing suddenly came into surface, especially because now I’m in a new, exciting life in Rotterdam. That’s why, I decided to keep journal of my life in my blog. I just wanna write, keep it as my memory and share it with the world 🙂

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