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Chemistry and Compatibility, which one is more important?

It’s been a long time..

Surely, it’s been months since the last time I updated. Sometimes the mood and the passion to write just come out of the blue and sometimes…it’s gone without a trace. Well, my passion is back now and I’m planning to make myself committed to my blog…I think I will post the whole plan of how to do that in the next post. and for now, let’s talk about love..

Who never falls in love? I bet everyone on this earth do fall in love, at least once during their lifetime. How do people fall in love? For some maybe takes years for the love to come, but for others, it may take only seconds to fall in love

…and talking about marriage, is chemistry enough to make you decide that you want to marry someone?

or you think compatibility is also important?

but what if you feel that you are very compatible with someone but you don’t feel the chemistry? would you brave enough to get married with that person? can chemistry be build along the way throughout the marriage?

what do you think? which one is more important? chemistry or compatibility?


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