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Victory of Wilders = The Death of Freedom

Geert Wilders– a politician who is ridiculously paranoid of Islam and Islamization in Europe – had his biggest victory along with his PVV (Party for Freedom) in Dutch Parliamentary Election a few days ago. He won 1,5 million votes (15,5% of the total votes), making it the third-strongest political force in Netherlands with 24 seats in the parliament. It is indeed a big win for Wilders as he only had nine seats last period, but definitely a big lose for Dutch and the idea of multiculturalism and liberalism that they always  proud of. Are Wilders and his party just smart enough to brainwash the Dutch (who voted him) to follow the fear and hatred that he promotes all this time? Or people who voted him are just starting to become chauvinistic, by thinking one ethnicity is more superior than the other?

Suprisingly with this fact, 1 in 10 Dutch that we meet (those who seem embracing the idea of diversity) actually did make a vote for him! What an irony…

Considering the quite significant power that this party has (24 out of 150 seats) as well as the possibility of coalition with other parties, Muslims should be ready to do the counterattack when Wilders, with his discriminating policies againsts Muslims take place in the future. Some of the well-known policies including to stop immigration for Muslim countries (not from other countries), reduction in social benefits for new immigrants, and no-hijab country (if one still wants to wear, one should pay the religious tax of 1000euro or more). That’s just some of the examples, many (unexpected) more would come.

Whatever the reason is, I feel sorry for those who have completely lost their insanity, who listened to what Wilders says instead of what their hearts…


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the reality in porn industry

Did you ever know what happens behind the porn industry?

Tyra Banks in an interview with porn star Sasha Grey revealed…

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