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lembayung langit senja

Satu malam atau satu hari

Yang terlihat hanya lembayung langit senja

Tak ada yang peduli juga


Saat satu detik senyum diperjuangkan

Saat kegelapan berteman dalam kesepian

Saat salah terasa benar


Bunyi denting nada kehidupan terus bergulir

Angan terasa begitu nyata meski semu adanya

Saat semua telah berlalu tapi tak habis ditelan oleh waktu…


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Chemistry and Compatibility, which one is more important?

It’s been a long time..

Surely, it’s been months since the last time I updated. Sometimes the mood and the passion to write just come out of the blue and sometimes…it’s gone without a trace. Well, my passion is back now and I’m planning to make myself committed to my blog…I think I will post the whole plan of how to do that in the next post. and for now, let’s talk about love..

Who never falls in love? I bet everyone on this earth do fall in love, at least once during their lifetime. How do people fall in love? For some maybe takes years for the love to come, but for others, it may take only seconds to fall in love

…and talking about marriage, is chemistry enough to make you decide that you want to marry someone?

or you think compatibility is also important?

but what if you feel that you are very compatible with someone but you don’t feel the chemistry? would you brave enough to get married with that person? can chemistry be build along the way throughout the marriage?

what do you think? which one is more important? chemistry or compatibility?

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Moving Out: Time to clean everything up!

I’m moving in to my new apartment tomorrow…So this week until today, I’ve been so busy with all the cleaning and packing stuff. I have to leave the apartment the way I had it the first time. So it’s quite a hard work for me to do all these things. The most tiring and annoying part of cleaning was the fact that I have to clean the oil stains all over the stove. I tried so hard to remove the stain with the soap and some kind of Mr.Muscle spray…and guess what..it didn’t work! Thanks to Google and all the writers out there who gave me some suggestions on how to clean the oil stain. One very useful tips that I got, that also might be useful for you too: Use baking soda to clean the oil stains! Yup, baking soda is natural yet has magical cleaning power. However, it doesn’t mean that it would work that magical…you still need to scrub it with quite some energy, but it worked….now the stove looks just like I have just purchased it. Yayyy!!

So, this is surely the last night of me and my roommate in Adriaan Kluitstraat 88…Many good memories happened here. I  met great people who also happened to be my neighbours…They are the people who I talked to, laughed and shared some stupid stories with, people who offered the help to carry your groceries, people whom I could get the egg when mine runs out, people who lend me the vacuum cleaner all the time since mine never works and people who even helped me to jump through my window in the 5th floor when I got locked up! Indeed, lots of things happened during the three months I live here. I certainly should be grateful to God for everything He had given me.

Oh yeah, I watched Julie and Julia just now. And I loved it!! I love how they portrayed the food, France in 1950’s, the passion, the lasting and happy marriage and self-commitment…I just loved it, very inspiring!

I guess I’m better off now…
There’s gonna be a house final inspection in the morning then I’m shifting to the new house right after day. Sooo…It’s gonna be a big, tiring day tomorrow.

Good night everyone
Sleep well 😉

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