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Dreams I dream

To every dreams I dream
Of tenderness of a man’s word
That is merely a fantasy
Playing in the middle of summer rain

If to love wasn’t meant to be easy

Whatever happens, to myself
Promise me always,
That you will get up when you fall
That you will keep walking even in the darkest night
That you will always keep your words so that you hurt no one.

That you will always believe there is a better tomorrow…


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It’s been a long time :)

Sepertinya waktu terasa berjalan begitu cepat, ketika saya menyadari bahwa blog yang saya posting terakhir adalah 3 tahun yang lalu. Sudah terlalu lama mungkin. Kerinduan saya untuk menulis pun sudah semakin memuncak.

Tiga tahun lalu, ketika saya memulai blog ini, saya masih seorang mahasiswa yang mengemban pendidikan di salah satu universitas di Belanda.

Saat ini, saya berdomisili di Kota Padang (ya, saya kembali merantau). Inilah kota dimana saya ditempatkan untuk bekerja oleh perusahaan. Namun sayang sekali, tak satupun dokumentasi dalam bentuk tulisan yang saya miliki selama 2 tahun terakhir ini. Hmm, paling tidak saya bisa mulai lagi dari sekarang. Better late than nothing, right? šŸ˜€

See you on the next post šŸ™‚

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the reality in porn industry

Did you ever know what happens behind the porn industry?

Tyra Banks in an interview with porn star Sasha Grey revealed…

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Moving Out: Time to clean everything up!

I’m moving in to my new apartment tomorrow…So this week until today, I’ve been so busy with all the cleaning and packing stuff. I have to leave the apartment the way I had it the first time. So it’s quite a hard work for me to do all these things. The most tiring and annoying part of cleaning was the fact that I have to clean the oil stains all over the stove. I tried so hard to remove the stain with the soap and some kind of Mr.Muscle spray…and guess what..it didn’t work! Thanks to Google and all the writers out there who gave me some suggestions on how to clean the oil stain. One very useful tips that I got, that also might be useful for you too: Use baking soda to clean the oil stains! Yup, baking soda is natural yet has magical cleaning power. However, it doesn’t mean that it would work that magical…you still need to scrub it with quite some energy, but it worked….now the stove looks just like I have just purchased it. Yayyy!!

So, this is surely the last night of me and my roommate in Adriaan Kluitstraat 88…Many good memories happened here. IĀ  met great people who also happened to be my neighbours…They are the people who I talked to, laughed and shared some stupid stories with, people who offered the help to carry your groceries, people whom I could get the egg when mine runs out, people who lend me the vacuum cleaner all the time since mine never works and people who even helped me to jump through my window in the 5th floor when I got locked up! Indeed, lots of things happened during the three months I live here. I certainly should be grateful to God for everything He had given me.

Oh yeah, I watched Julie and Julia just now. And I loved it!! I love how they portrayed the food, France in 1950’s, the passion, the lasting and happy marriage and self-commitment…I just loved it, very inspiring!

I guess I’m better off now…
There’s gonna be a house final inspection in the morning then I’m shifting to the new house right after day. Sooo…It’s gonna be a big, tiring day tomorrow.

Good night everyone
Sleep well šŸ˜‰

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my comeback :)

Heyy guys…

It has been a long time since the last time I wrote something on my blog. I remember the last time I wrote was about 2 or 3 years ago, in a blog of Friendster. Yeah indeed I miss writing, since it is one of my hobbies, but all the assignments have taken my life and made me forget about the excitement of writing. Up until I met this girl, named Affa, an Iraqi girl who loves to write and share her passion of writing with me. She writes books, novels even poems in her time and more importantly, she met the love of her life through her blog :). Since I met her my passion of writing suddenly came into surface, especially because now I’m in a new, exciting life in Rotterdam. That’s why, I decided to keep journal of my life in my blog. I just wanna write, keep it as my memory and share it with the world šŸ™‚

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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