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What’s the basic and most fundamental reason of a country’s conflict?

I was wondering…

The murder of Palestinian people by the Israeli that is happening in Gaza right now are all over the news. It is the crime against humanity so I don’t, ever, call it a war, it’s a murder.

The world knows Israeli military occupies, invades and attacks Palestinian so they can claim the regions that are now under the Palestinian authority. However, is that the ONLY reason why they’re doing what they’re doing? Only the religion conflict? Or is there a gold digging motive hidden beneath all?

Gold digging motive
This is the most common reason of conflict that I observe so far. History teaches us a lot. One example is what we see in the US invasion to Iraq…if it’s not because of the abundant oil in the land of Iraq, why would the US bother spending millions (if not billions) of dollars into that? They must have expected the return for every cent they spend on that! It’s business after all…

Another example back in 2012, when the US invaded Iran as Iran was accused to have mass-destructive weapons, which was later found to be untrue. The real reason for the invasion: the opportunity to conquer oil in Iran. And again, it’s a matter of fortune.

The Religion Motive
Now the question is: is it possible if religion becomes the very basic and most fundamental reasons of country’s conflict without the gold digging motives behind it?

It is possible!

The Israelis (with majority of them being Jewish) are fear of the existence of Islam. They feel that they’re going to lose one day that they feel the need to attack defendless Gaza kids and women with their rockets. That way, they can stop the peaceful spread of Islam, they can conquer Gaza and ultimately, destroy the West Bank where Jerusalem (or Baitul Maqdis, Islam third holiest city) is located.

Two major motives of conflict? Which one do you think is the basic and most fundamental reasons of country’s conflict? Your heart knows.

Let’s stop the murder in Gaza.


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